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 The best solutions are simple and straightforward, but we make marketing complicated in the push to build a brand, scale a business, or hit a revenue target.

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About Michelle Hunter, Marketing Strategy


Effective marketing is clear and confident, engaging and serving people to meet real needs. This practical, generous approach creates value and builds relationships before a single sales message is communicated. The result? Quality leads and an audience of brand advocates who are willing (and eager) to buy.

Founded in 2012, Michelle Hunter Creative is a boutique creative agency focused on creating marketing clarity, confident messaging, and engaging marketing copy. We work with service providers ( from creative entrepreneurs to SaaS companies) to tell transformative stories and captivate potential clients.

Our services include custom content and marketing strategy, conversion centered copywriting, and related courses.  

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Michelle Hunter combines corporate experience with a passion for serving creative businesses. She believes in the power of relationships and uses strategic insight to provide custom marketing strategy and brand messaging to established businesses who seek to expand their reach and impact.

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