Simplify your marketing. Elevate your brand.

 I work with experienced web designers to make marketing simple and effective so they can win more projects, deliver improved services and achieve their revenue goals. 


About Michelle Hunter, Marketing Strategy

Your clients need more than great design. Your clients need effective website copy to work inside great design. Copy is the missing piece that drives website conversions and gives your clients the results they need to be successful. 

The problem is simple...  

As an experienced web designer, you focus on using design to solve real problems and achieve measureable results. But there's something missing from your solutions - effective copy. 

Great Design + Effective Copy = Elevated Results

The only thing worse than pairing great design with poorly written copy is setting amazing copy inside a bad design. My creative heart hurts when I see clients invest in a website project with results like these.

Without effective copy, you are not able to fully meet the needs of your clients. This limiting factor keeps you from landing the most profitable projects and keeps you from achieving your revenue goals.

The solution to your copy problem is collaborative. 

Partnering with an experienced copywriter elevates your brand by adding effective, highly converting website copy to your design project and simplifying your project process through the elimination of content bottlenecks.  



  • Clients get improved results and achieve their project goals. 
  • Effective copy is delivered on time, eliminating bottlenecks.
  • You're able to charge more for your design work. 


I partner with established website designers to bring simplicity and profitability to their design business. I help designers like you refine their marketing strategy, simplify their brand message, and provide white label copywriting services to their clients.

Let's work together to elevate your design brand. 

With expertise built through more than 20 years of corporate and digital marketing experience, I bring a candid and practical approach to marketing. Together we will refine your marketing approach, simplify your design process, and position your design business for success. 

Tired of struggling to attract quality clients? Sick of lingering projects with timelines that keep expanding while you wait for completed copy? This process is for you.

My Proven Process

  • Oct 19, 2019

    STEP 1


    We evaluate your marketing strategy to identify ways to build on what converts and pivot away from what doesn't while better aligning you with the needs of your ideal client. 

  • Oct 19, 2019

    STEP 2


    We explore the ways you serve clients and position your services to increase your overall profitability and improve your ability to attract the types of projects you do best. 

  • Oct 19, 2019

    STEP 3

    Core Message

    We craft an effective core message for your business - empowering you to talk confidently about your work, charge in alignment with your value, and market effectively without hype or hesitation.

  • Oct 19, 2019

    STEP 4

    Marketing Strategy

    We create and implement effective marketing strategy to increase awareness of your brand, expand your impact, and position your design business for success.

  • Oct 19, 2019

    STEP 5

    Collaborative Partnership

    We partner to add copywriting services to your design capability. Together we craft a website copy package for your clients, eliminating bottlenecks in your project process while giving your clients the high-quality copy they need for an effective website. 

Ready to explore what we can achieve by working together?

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