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Effective marketing centers around a core message.

When all the marketing tools of a business are aligned to this message, marketing implementation is simplified and selling is easy.


About Michelle Hunter, Marketing StrategyBut here’s the thing… without an intentional strategy to create this type of alignment, you’ll never leverage your current level of success or create sustainable growth in your business.

I’m tired of watching amazing people give up on their big ideas just when they start to take off. I’m sick of seeing bright business owners flail around trying to implement “one size fits all” marketing strategy while becoming increasingly frustrated... staying trapped in a cycle of hard work and limited results... feeling overwhelmed while opportunities disappear and true success stays just out of reach.

My work creates alignment and propels my clients to success.

I combine copywriting experience, content strategy, and my candid coaching style to create fully aligned marketing that drives big results for my clients. My work creates effective marketing strategy by exploring the reasons for your organic growth, by discovering opportunities for expanding upon that growth, and by implementing tactics to expand the impact of your message and engage your audience.

Together, my clients and I build a powerful marketing engine to drive growth and create sustainable revenue. Our work is collaborative and engaging, and my clients are motivated to move beyond organic growth and achieve powerful results.

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