Strategic marketing broke through plateaus, increasing launch engagement and effectiveness.

Christine needed a simple, intentional approach to marketing.

When sales of her signature course, Designing to Delight appeared to plateau, Christine Thatcher felt frustrated and overwhelmed. Experimentation with a number of marketing tactics didn’t yield the results she needed. Christine longed for a simple path to effective marketing and intentionally sought a more strategic approach.

Marketing strategy was the answer, giving Christine the ability to align her message, focus her efforts, and improve her results.

During a deep dive into metrics and results, we refined Christine’s message so she could connect quickly with followers and create interest in her course. We evaluated tactics, simplified her approach, and focused her marketing efforts on actions we could tie directly to results. By meeting her audience at the point of their felt need and sharing a consistent message of empowerment and hope, Christine was able to achieve improved results.

Michelle assessed what was working in the big picture, evaluating all the moving parts of my marketing system. She took my ideas and made them tangible and actionable, creating marketing strategy my team can implement effectively.

Christine Thatcher


increase in marketing effectiveness


Increased Engagement

Christine’s consistent message of hope and empowerment built engagement with her audience, creating an atmosphere of trust and engagement within her community. By nurturing the audience generously between launches, Christine strategically positioned herself as a mentor.

Simplified Efforts

Custom marketing strategy allowed Christine to focus her efforts to the best effect. She moved away from time-consuming tactics with limited results and allocated her attention and financial resources where they would have the biggest overall impact on her launch results.

Elevated Confidence

Rather than continually questioning and evaluating tactics, Christine and her team were able to market with confidence during launches and in the months between launch cycles. Marketing became an operational system within her business, making it easy to manage.

Greater Return on Investment

Christine was able to refine her marketing budget and focus her investment where it achieved the biggest return. She identified her most profitable ad opportunities and took advantage of them, moving away from other options that provided a lower return. As a result, she was able to better control her overall launch profitability.

Working with Michelle Hunter gives me peace of mind and confidence in my marketing approach. She’s kept me from squirreling from one tactic to another. I know the intentional actions I take are aligned and will have the intended effect and deliver results.

Christine Thatcher |



Christine Thatcher and her signature course, Designing to Delight, are on a path of rapid growth. Effective marketing, and the system of evaluation and refinement we’ve put in place, will allow her to maximize the potential of the course and grow her revenue intentionally over time. The system we’ve put in place will allow her to leverage her growing audience and market additional offers simply and efficiently.

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