Aligning marketing strategy with refined positioning gives niche agency a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

Concern about competition prompted Karin to shift her marketing approach and positioning.

Conroy Creative Counsel specializes in providing web design and digital marketing services to the legal industry, and Karin Conroy is seen as a leading expert in this space. After noticing a pattern of longer buying cycles and increased competitive pressure, however, she realized her niche market was changing. Her agency was struggling with declining sales and she found herself searching for ways to recover her competitive advantage and reverse the pattern of downward trending revenue.

By shifting her sales and marketing strategy to align with her expertise and positioning herself as a high-value consultant, Karin eliminated lengthy buying cycles and increased client confidence.

Together we refined Karin’s sales approach to leverage her insight into the legal marketplace and clearly communicate the value she delivers to her clients. We shifted her brand from competing on price to a clear position of quality. We eliminated unnecessary steps in her marketing system allowing her to nurture qualified leads effectively, engage potential clients from a position of authority, and build confidence in her brand.

As we implemented these changes across her messaging - from website copy to marketing material - and refined her offers to be strategically unique from those of the competition - Karin noticed a reduction in the buying cycle and increased ease in moving from proposal to agreement.

Michelle was like a hot knife through butter for all my problems. She was especially able to personally address places where I was stuck and dedicate our time to the most impactful results. Rather than following a set course or program, our work was systematic for what worked best for me. My business is now clear, focused, and effective. This clarity reflects in the communications with potential clients and the results have been practically instant. Clients are super eager to work with me, apologizing for not signing up sooner, and I am not overthinking every interaction.

Karin Conroy
Conroy Creative Counsel

Marketing strategy worked as a catalyst for growth, reversing three years of declining revenue in just three months!


Properly Aligned Positioning

By leveraging her position as an expert and thought leader in the legal industry, we elevated her brand and brought her marketing efforts into alignment with her reputation - thus differentiating her agency from the competition.

Effective Engagement

Rather than the noisy, repetitive marketing methods employed by others in her space, Karin revised her efforts to a concise email system which builds engagement by providing real value to the professionals in her market.

Customer Focused Clarity

Using her deep understanding of the legal industry as a guide, Karin focused her services on providing maximum value to the law firms she serves - eliminating low value services and adding those that will have the most impact for her clients.

Cohesive Messaging

With a clear core marketing logic as a foundation, we implemented revised website copy, email marketing funnels, and proposal language - creating cohesive messaging which builds client confidence and nurtures buying relationships.

Not only does Michelle know how to position your business, she understands what this means in how to communicate with you. Our conversations felt like talking with either my best friend or a really good therapist. The process was a lot of work in the best way - there was a lot of stuff that needed to be fixed (my website content, emails, proposals, etc.) - things I already had in place but just weren't right. Unlike my experiences with other programs and groups, the value she provided was clear. By the end there was no question about the impact her work had on my business.

Karin Conroy | Conroy Creative Counsel



By stepping confidently into the position of an expert in her space, Karin Conroy is leading her creative agency to new growth and profitability. Her expanded service offerings - including content strategy, ongoing content creation, and SEO services - allow her to build lasting strategic relationships with her clients which will deliver lasting benefits over time. Her agency stands out uniquely in her niche, and her work is in high demand.

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