Creative Marketing Strategies to Introduce Your Services and Build Goodwill

by Michelle Hunter

How generosity promotes your business.

Creative marketing strategies gifting services

Recently, I received a fundraising letter along with a sheet of labels with my name and address on them. The labels were freely given as a gift along with encouragement to use them whether or not I sent a financial contribution to the charity. The labels were a bit of generosity given as a way to foster goodwill.  You’ve probably received a similar letter a time or two. As creative marketing strategies go, this is actually pretty effective. 

I use the labels when I receive them. I actually look forward to them and willingly contribute to the charity that provides them – not just because I appreciate the labels themselves, but because using them throughout the year is a reminder to me of the good work done by the group who sent them and it warms my heart. 

There’s just something about generosity that builds goodwill. In an increasingly noisy marketplace, pure generosity is unexpected. When we receive something without any strings attached, we notice and pause… and maybe even smile.  

Want to create a bit of goodwill in your potential customers? Here are some creative marketing strategies you can implement to share a smile with no strings attached. 

Share resources openly and without an opt-in. 

Traditional list building strategies recommend creating a free resource of some kind and offering it online in exchange for an email address and possibly permission to send promotional emails in the future. This strategy works… and it’s one I recommend and even implement on my own website. 

One of my favorite creative marketing strategies builds upon this tactic, but removes the opt-in requirement. It involves creating a number of resources for potential clients and offering them generously and without any exchange of email information. Generosity without the hook.

To maximize the effectiveness of this strategy, create and offer resources that prepare potential clients to work with you effectively. I like to educate people, share advice, and teach marketing basics to help people who are almost – but not quite – ready to work with me. I help them generously… expecting nothing in return.  

Some of the people who use my resources will work with me in the future, but many won’t and that’s okay. Either way, I am positioning myself as a leader, teacher, and guide in my industry. This creates a ton of goodwill and a lot of good marketing engagement for my brand. 

Take a creative approach to the free consultation.

Service providers and professionals typically offer a free consultation as the first step to any project or working engagement. Attorneys will meet with you for free to discuss your case. Accountants will talk to you about your business and their services. Creatives will ask about your project and goals. Consultants (like me) will try to learn more about your needs. 

Typically the “free consultation” is a type of glorified sales call… but what if it were something just a bit different? Something more creative?

In the past year, I’ve intentionally taken a creative approach to the initial consultations I offer. I come to the call with a generosity mindset, and look for ways to provide value during the call to move the other person forward whether we work together or not. 

During a call like this, I might…

  • Recommend a marketing tactic or action step
  • Help the client clarify an aspect of their marketing message
  • Suggest a shift in approach they can make immediately

Of course, we might also discuss working together. I might gather information for a proposal or talk about next steps. But, I make sure the call provides value that is independent of our future working relationship. I often follow up by sending a free resource or sharing additional thoughts. More value, free of charge. 

Does this take time? Yep. Generosity isn’t always the most efficient part of business (or life), but it is often the most rewarding. I want to leave everyone a bit better off for having engaged with my business in some way, even if they never send us money. 

Work should be meaningful, not just profitable. Generosity is a huge part of that equation. 

Create content with a service mindset. 

Content creation is one of those effective marketing strategies. Search engines love good, valuable content and when this content is combined with keyword research and is positioned properly to speak to your audience, it creates a lead generation machine for your business. Interested in using written content, podcasting, or video to market your business? We should talk about creating and implementing your custom content strategy. 

Want to get creative with your marketing strategies? Take a service approach to content creation. Turn your attention to your potential clients and customers, and ask yourself how you can best serve them. What knowledge and insight can you share that would positively impact them – even if you never work together? 

Don’t be afraid to give away your best advice, tips, and wisdom. Be free with information and share openly in the content you create. Meet the reader, listener, or viewer at his or her point of need and provide a solution. Be generous. 

When you solve the small problems of your audience and share your wisdom freely, you build trust. When struggling with larger problems, people will naturally turn to you as a trusted source of help and guidance. 

Scholarships, free workshops, and pro-bono work. 

Generosity leads to increased revenue. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. Personally, I believe it is simply easier to fill hands that are open rather than those that are grasping and trying to hold on to what they have. That’s why I add a bit of pro-bono and scholarship work to my business model. 

I provide copywriting services to a nonprofit organization I believe in and want to support. I work with struggling small business owners on a scholarship basis too, accepting them into my 1:1 marketing coaching program from time to time. Why? Because work like this is meaningful and worthwhile and because it keeps me focused on what is most important. 

As leaders, we need to keep our eye on profitability. But, we also need to continually motivate ourselves and inspire our teams. Motivated, inspired people do their best work. This leads to growth in all areas of business – including profit. See the connection there? 

Generosity diffuses cynicism and elevates your brand. 

Tempted to complain about difficult customers or frustrating employees? Embrace a generosity mindset. Tired of implementing marketing tactics without significant results? Look for opportunities to give with nothing in return. Let a focus on others and a spirit of giving diffuse your negativity, motivate your team, and elevate your brand. 

Struggling with a marketing problem you can’t seem to solve? Contact me to schedule a chat. Let’s see if we can solve it together. 

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