Creativity is an Act of Faith We Need Now More Than Ever

by Michelle Hunter

The challenges of our world need creative problem-solving and brave individuals who are willing to take the risks creativity demands and lead as an act of faith.

Creativity is an Act of Faith

In the book The Prosperous Heart, Julia Cameron writes about moving from a place of anxiety about life and money into a place of peace and prosperity filled with gratitude for the things we have and trust that our needs will be met as we respond to the world with generosity and grace. It’s a message that continues to resonate with me – even as I adapt to the changing world around me. 

Creativity is an act of faith.” – Julia Cameron

This quote from the book continues to give me pause and challenge me to put myself (and my work) out into the world in new ways.  This simple thought is incredibly rich in meaning for me.  I want to unpack it for you and challenge you to think about your own creativity in a new light… because we need YOUR creativity now more than ever. 

Creative work is risky… 

Truly creative work pushes boundaries and challenges the normal way of thinking. It comes from eyes that see the world differently – looking past the everyday to notice the little inconsistencies that add meaning and beauty to our lives. Eyes that look past the status quo to see the frustrations of others and the disruption a single act or mistake can have on those around us. 

Creative work shares my inner thought life and illuminates my passions. It opens my spirit up for review – and the criticism and critique of others who take exception to the things I share. That’s risky because criticism in our world increasingly leads to hurt and alienation. 

You might hate my viewpoint or dislike my idea. You might find the essay or blog post I write disruptive to your thought patterns or your established way of living your life. You might be prompted to adjust your perspective or modify your position. Instead of considering my ideas, you might lash out with a strongly held belief of your own. 

And thus, the energy I put into sharing my thoughts might feel wasted. My confidence might be shaken and my spirit might be crushed. Your opinion and reaction may hurt me inside… and that’s awfully risky. 

But the world needs creative work right now. It needs brave people who are willing to debate issues openly and share creative perspectives to the problems we face. We need your creative work… and we need mine. We need the discussions and solutions that come from dialogue and exploration. 

Creative work is challenging… 

Truly creative work means forcing myself to look at and consider the truth. This is incredibly challenging given that most of life is wrapped in misconception, polite dissolution of meaning, and denial. We’re taught to stay positive and politically correct. To identify the “appropriate” position and hold it tightly. We’re conditioned to align our beliefs with the majority and walk in step with those around us. Creativity stands apart from this.

To be truly creative, I must remain vigilant. I must observe the ways I’m watering down my message or pandering to what’s expected by those around me. I can’t just take the news I read or hear at face value… nor can I simply follow the crowd. My task is to expect more from myself than the norm and to notice when my heart seems to be hiding… afraid to step into the light with an amazing insight or flash of objectivity. 

Truly creative work means pushing and struggling and continuing when I want to quit. It means hanging on when my mind screams, “Just let it go!” The world needs all of us to lean into discomfort and continue to solve the problems before us. 

This creative work is an act of faith. 

Creative work is an act of faith in the importance of what I see and think and feel. Faith in the creative passion that God’s placed inside my spirit and the voice He empowers in my heart. Faith in the ability of others to be moved and changed and challenged by my perspective and insight. 

Creativity is an act of faith because once I create something (an idea, an expression, a solution) and share it with others, the results are unpredictable and wild. 

My creative solutions might change your situation… or they might not. My thoughts might challenge your thinking and open up a candid dialogue, or they might light spark argument and frustration. You might just skim over my words and never embrace my message. You might continue to live as you always have… without ever considering how things can be better. Or – you might embrace my message and use it to empower you to take incredible action. There’s really no way for me to know. 

We create because we are called to do so. We lend our voices to the problems of our day because we see the world creatively and simply can’t stay silent. We find creative solutions to problems because we simply can’t accept the status quo. 

For me, the choice is simple. I create and share and take risks in order to live a life filled with meaning and authenticity. We probably won’t agree on everything… but that’s okay. Creativity involves exploring the world through fresh eyes to see how diversity lends richness and complexity to our every experience. 

I embrace creativity – and creative problem solving – as an act of faith. I believe my life is richer for it… even though it is risky and uncomfortable at times. 

Your call to creativity… from a fellow creative soul. 

Step into the light and share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Don’t hide behind what you feel you should believe… or follow the path of another because you’re afraid to speak out.

Creativity will feel risky. You’ll fight resistance and criticism from others who just don’t understand your views. You might feel like quitting, but keep pushing forward. The world needs your creative energy, now more than ever. We have big problems to solve… and we need fresh perspectives and open dialogue to create solutions that work. 

Creativity is an act of faith. When you find your faith sagging and failing, borrow a bit of mine. Use my belief in the power of creativity to heal this world and let it push you forward. Use my faith in our collective ability to give you strength.  And if you need a little encouragement, just contact me. You don’t have to stand in this space alone. 

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