Do I Need to Market on Facebook?

by Michelle Hunter

What YOU should consider before making Facebook a key element of your marketing strategy.

Woman looking at Facebook on Laptop

Some business owners simply LOVE to market on Facebook. They post about everything from the next planner they want to purchase to the type of coffee they enjoy to the challenges of mastering project management software or guiding clients. I watch them live out their entrepreneurial lives in my news feed, and I feel connected to them somehow, although we’ve never met.

Other entrepreneurs use Facebook as a way to attract lots of people to their content, website, and offers. They might use paid advertising to build a community of followers. They might simply use promoted posts and ads to share free content and build their lists. As I watch them, I notice the strategic way they use the tools Facebook provides to meet their marketing goals.

In both cases, the business owner is leveraging his or her strengths and personality to market on Facebook. But, what about the rest of us? What about people like me who have lots of good things to say, but break out in mental or physical “hives” when showing up on social media? What about people who find this type of engagement challenging at best…and draining at worst?

There’s hope, friends. You see…

Marketing on Facebook seems like an essential component of building a successful online business, but it’s not as critical as it might seem. Facebook marketing is actually a tactic, and it’s only beneficial when it is a part of an intentional marketing strategy.

And by intentional, I mean a marketing strategy that’s fully aligned with your strengths, energy, and personality. One that is designed to engage YOUR ideal clients and present your value in an authentic way.

Why is marketing strategy important? In order to be successful with any marketing tactic (Facebook included) you need an understanding of your prospective client – including their needs, buying behavior, and engagement with the social platform or marketing venue. You also need an objective awareness of the value you provide in your marketplace.

Effective marketing strategy builds bridges between the needs of your ideal client and the value you naturally provide through your products and services.

This is what I do, folks.

So, what should you consider when evaluating Facebook as a marketing tactic? Here are factors I recommend:

Purpose – What do you want to accomplish when you market on Facebook?

Facebook has a lot to offer creative entrepreneurs and can be an incredibly valuable part of your marketing strategy, if your goals align with what it can most easily do for your business. Facebook is great for building brand awareness. It’s a wonderful platform for sharing information and ideas, and for building a community or tribe.

So, think about it. Is brand awareness something you need in order to meet your business goals? Do you want to create a community or share your ideas with everyone? Or are your goals more aligned with reaching a few specific people with a specialized level of value?

Facebook is also a powerful advertising platform. You can build target audience profiles and use advertising to drive people to your list, to your free offer, or to your course or information product. You can sell those amazing products you make… or at least send people to a landing page or an eCommerce site to do a little shopping.

Here’s the thing, though. Taking advantage of Facebook in this way requires developing sales funnels, monitoring analytics, and investing in paid advertising – often before you begin seeing real results. It can take time to get a Facebook advertising campaign dialed in and profitable.

If your purpose is a few quick sales or leads, you might want to re-evaluate your strategy. Regardless, you will want to intentionally count the costs and time involved before you take action.

Client Behavior – Do your people use Facebook?

While it is true that most of us use Facebook in some way during our normal day or week, our purpose within Facebook isn’t always the same. Most mornings I scroll my newsfeed while drinking my first cup of coffee. I’m looking for baby pictures, family updates, and cute pug photos. It’s fun… but it’s not about shopping.

Sure, I might see an ad for a cute outfit. I might notice a planner that seems interesting or a mug with a snarky saying that inspires me. Occasionally I might even click a link and make a purchase… but those moments are rare.

Often I see posts that I might be interested in reading. But, here’s the thing… I don’t click those links or read the posts in that moment. Why? Because my mind isn’t on business at that time of the morning. I’m just looking for entertainment.

Does this mean your strategy of serving up business related articles is a bad one? Not necessarily. This is a natural way to market on Facebook. I just might not be your ideal client. YOUR ideal client might LOVE to read business articles from his or her Facebook feed.

In order for you to create a winning strategy to market on Facebook you need to understand the behavior of your ideal client.

It doesn’t make any sense to invest in a marketing tactic (like attending a networking event) if there is only a limited opportunity to engage your prospective clients, for example. In other words, your people have to be on Facebook for Facebook marketing to make sense for you.

Are your people on Facebook? You won’t know until you define your audience and observe their behavior. Be careful… your potential client may use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends just like I do. This doesn’t necessarily mean your client uses Facebook to buy things or make business connections.

Product Fit – Does your product align with Facebook?

Some products and services are a wonderful fit for marketing on Facebook. Just check out your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll see what I mean. You will see ads for personal products, clothing, books, and furniture. You’ll likely also see ads for online courses and programs, as well as free resources that are part of a funnel designed to generate leads for a service provider.

Know what you won’t see? Offers for high-end custom services or other offers with a big ticket price and a long buying cycle. Why? Because we make quick decisions from our Facebook feed, not complex ones.

How does your product or service fit into the Facebook world? Will you ideally drive people to your online store or into your sales funnel? Or is the path from Facebook to purchase too long and convoluted for Facebook to make much difference overall?

Personality – Do you enjoy being present in this way?

Success with Facebook marketing requires consistency and visibility. If you are the face of your brand, this is something to consider before embracing a plan to market on Facebook.

People don’t talk a lot about the energy drain Facebook can cause for entrepreneurs, and I’m not sure why.  (Obviously, I don’t mind the conversation… I opened this article with it and I’m bringing it up again.) The struggle is incredibly real, especially for those among us who are private, introverted, or otherwise unaccustomed to the intense visibility social media creates.

Personally, I find Facebook engagement a bit draining. I know this about myself, but I am also aware that Facebook presents a big opportunity for me to engage potential clients and share my ideas. By factoring the energy drain into my decision to embrace Facebook, I’m able to create an internal process to limit my exposure but maximize the results of my efforts.

  • I don’t use Facebook to engage my active clients.
  • I’m not building a community or maintaining a private group.
  • While I do share my content on Facebook, I don’t post every day.

My marketing strategy leverages Facebook as one tool for sharing my ideas and driving traffic to my website. My engagement with Facebook is planned, intentional, and focused. This works for me…and it works for my clients. BUT – the system I use to market on Facebook might not be the best fit for you. That’s okay.

They key is determining what level of engagement you need, and figuring out how to get that engagement in a way that is fully aligned with your personality and motivating factors.

Is Facebook marketing the right strategy for you? Possibly.

Facebook is a valuable component of many of the marketing strategies I create for my clients. It is a powerful platform for sharing ideas, engaging an audience, and building awareness for your brand. In the right circumstances, it is also a lucrative vehicle for selling your products and services. Want to discuss your marketing strategy to see how Facebook fits? Let’s talk.

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