Effective marketing delivers confidence and increased revenue to an established web designer.

Marci’s design business was stagnant. She felt frozen.

Although she’d been in business since 2000, Marci Kobayashi struggled to attract clients and promote her web design services. Changes in her business model left her feeling paralyzed because her overall message was unclear. She knew something was out of alignment, but couldn’t figure it out on her own.

Custom marketing strategy gave Marci the ability to share her expertise confidently and attract the right clients to her business.

We shifted Marci’s business model to more fully align with her expertise and her client needs, giving her the ability to increase her pricing. Together we refined her marketing message, allowing her to build strong connections with potential clients and move them intentionally to the point of purchase. We identified the best marketing channel for Marci’s business and focused her marketing efforts on mastering this channel. The result is enhanced confidence, efficiency, and profitability.

Marketing was the missing puzzle piece for me. Working with Michelle Hunter gave me the confidence to increase my prices. I was able to recover the cost of the investment within one month of signing the agreement! Now I have confidence and peace of mind.

Marci Kobayashi


increase in revenue


Marketing Clarity

Custom marketing strategy gave Marci the confidence to market effectively. She moved from feeling paralyzed to boldly connecting with potential clients. She was able to stand as an expert in her field and talk clearly about the value her work creates for clients.

Increased Revenue

Marci revised her business model to focus her core offers around the areas where she delivers the highest value, leveraging her personality, gifts, and talents to maximize her effectiveness. She is now able to charge more for her work, resulting in increased revenue.

Peace of Mind

Marketing clarity has given Marci complete peace of mind. She no longer looks for an online course, book, or other solution. Instead, she now focuses her time and attention on the marketing strategy she knows works best for her business.

Increased Efficiency

In the past, Marci struggled to implement a variety of marketing strategies and establish a presence in multiple marketing channels. By mastering a single marketing channel and using it effectively, she has increased her overall operational efficiency.

As designers, we spend so much time on other people’s sites. We rarely give ourselves the time and attention we give our clients. I knew that to make the most of this investment, I had to show up and do the work. Thanks to Michelle Hunter’s guidance, I’m able to charge more and help more people. I’m incredibly happy with the experience.

Marci Kobayashi | marcikobayashi.com



Using the marketing strategy and implementation plan we created, Marci is expanding her reach. She is establishing herself as a thought leader in her industry and actively pursuing her financial and lifestyle goals. Most importantly, Marci is able to market effectively because she is confident in her approach, giving her peace of mind.

Feeling frustrated and frozen? Effective marketing is the missing piece. Let’s solve your puzzle together.

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