Strategic collaboration creates profitable new opportunities & expanded offers within a niche market.

Connie wanted to expand how she served her niche clients.

Pixality provides web design and digital marketing services exclusively to boutique fitness businesses and yoga studios. Connie Holen, owner of Pixality, saw an opportunity to add copywriting services to her business as a way to provide increased value to her clients. Her goals included creating increased results for her clients and eliminating content related bottlenecks in her business.

Together we created a custom copywriting package designed to compliment her website design services and provide increased value to her clients.

We analyzed the needs of Connie’s unique market and developed a plan to provide website copy within her existing process. This streamlined process gives clients a simple, easy way to access high-quality website copy while removing weeks from Connie’s project timeline. The result is the ability to align great design with effective messaging within a tight timeline while maximizing profitability. It’s a winning scenario for everyone!

Adding done-for-you copywriting to my client projects has been a game-changer for the efficiency of my small agency. I know I’m going to have quality, conversion-focused copy for my clients on day 1 of their projects. If you’re a web designer, you know what a dream that is! The timeline for my custom web design projects have at least been cut in half—with an even better end product for my clients. Win-win.

Connie Holen

Our collaboration allowed Connie to give her clients improved results with increased efficiency and ease.


Customer Focus

By analyzing the unique needs of this niche market, we created a custom package which is perfectly aligned to create maximum value for the client within a limited scope. This focus allowed us to maintain profitability within the client price point.

Collaborative Approach

Casting aside assumptions, we brainstormed together to take advantage of our individual strengths, the efficiencies of the current design process, and the ways we each work best in our areas of expertise.

Efficient Execution

In order to create a profitable high-volume offer without compromising quality, we intentionally built efficiency into the process and streamlined the work by minimizing handoffs and complex communication steps.

Maximum Profitability

We began with a desire to provide high-quality results to niche clients at a specific price point while achieving maximum profitability. We achieved our goal by cutting away wasteful project steps and staying focused on crucial aspects of the work.

Working with Michelle could not be easier. She’s quick to respond, asks the right questions and is deeply supportive of the business I’m working to build. I could not have dreamt up a more perfect collaborative partner.

Connie Holen | Pixality



Using this initial collaboration as a starting point, Connie is exploring new ways we might work together to provide digital marketing services to her niche market. This strategic approach is positioning Pixality as the go-to boutique marketing firm for growing businesses in the yoga studio and fitness markets.

Interested in exploring opportunities as a strategic partner? Let’s explore how we can add value to your clients through collaboration.

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