Planning for Personal and Business Growth as We Approach Q4

by Michelle Hunter

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Business Growth Q4

This time of year – as I’m breaking out the fall clothing and preparing for the last few months of the year – my thoughts naturally turn to my business. I’m often tempted to simply coast a bit during the last quarter rather than lean into growth, planning, and strategy. The reasons are simple… 

  • If my year-to-date numbers are strong and I’m feeling good about my results, I am tempted to leave well enough alone and move into the holiday season without much of a plan. I’ve already hit my goals. Time for some relaxation. 
  • If my year-to-date numbers are disappointing or I’m feeling frustrated by my results, it is easy for me to consider the year DONE and turn my thoughts to how I can improve things when January rolls around. 

Neither of these mindsets are helpful. Both indicate a willingness to waste what is often the most productive time for entrepreneurs. Yes, I said the MOST productive time. This year, we’re not going to waste it, are we? 

Make the fourth quarter an incredibly powerful time in your business. 

During the next three months, you can shift your mindset and build leadership skills that will drive growth in 2020. You can amp up your marketing efforts and boost your 2019 revenue significantly.  You can innovate, pivot, and create new momentum in your business. 

Grab your planner and your favorite autumn latte or treat, and focus on the past three quarters. 

  • Identify what went well (even the small stuff) and celebrate a bit. Reflect on the actions you took to create those wins… Were you a better leader to yourself or your team? Did you market more effectively or identify new ways to serve your audience? 
  • Think about what could have gone better and deconstruct it. Reflect on the decisions and actions that disappointed you in some way… Where would planning or improved skills have made a difference? What could you have done to anticipate the things that surprised you? What can you learn from these experiences?

Write down any insights that come from these two points of reflection. Don’t judge yourself or get bogged down in regret. Challenge yourself to stay objective… and intentionally adopt the mindset of a student. Look for lessons you can apply to the future. 

Now, set some intentions for improvement. Not sure where to begin? I have some articles that might help you get started. 

Growth Area :: Leadership Skills

Maybe you’ve identified a need to improve the way you manage your time, maintain your focus, and stay productive. I call this “self-leadership” and this article shares my thoughts on how you can get a handle on your own mindset.  

Here’s the link:

Growth Area :: Marketing Strategy

Maybe your business has reached a plateau or you’re struggling to scale into a bigger market, a higher level of client, or a different pricing structure. You need a marketing strategy designed to create sustainable growth. This article gives you some ideas and action steps. 

Remember, you don’t have to figure out your marketing strategy in a vacuum. I help creative entrepreneurs and established professionals create a sustainable marketing strategy that leads to growth. Want to learn more? Let’s talk. 

Oh, and here’s the link to that article:

Growth Area :: Problem-Solving Skills

Listen, I get it. Running a business can be exhausting and disheartening… especially when the same issues come up every week, month, or quarter. As you reflect on the past few months, what issues bug you the most? Wouldn’t you like to solve them? 

The first step to solving any problem is identifying the root cause. Once you know what’s really going on, you can take action to eliminate the issue forever. Here’s an article to help you interpret the language of recurring issues. 

Here’s the link:

Growth Area :: Understanding the value of your work. 

There’s a mindset issue in the creative community. (If you’re reading this article, you are a part of the creative community – even if you don’t realize it. The life of a business owner is inherently creative, full of challenges and opportunities to innovate. So, own it!) The issue is one of perceived value – and confusion about how to properly price any work we enjoy and would actually do for free in the right context. 

This article is one of the most popular ones I’ve ever published. Why? Because it addresses an issue we all struggle with from time to time – and it shows us a path to clarity. You’ve likely read it before… but maybe it’s time to read it again. 

Here’s the link:

YOU can make Q4 a time of incredible growth and productivity. 

Let’s decide together to make the most of the next three months. We can lean into the work of learning, innovating, and shifting our mindsets. We can finish 2019 strong and create incredible momentum to carry us into 2020 in a powerful way. 


Working with me begins with a free 30-minute consultation. Are you struggling to set a course for Q4? Do you feel inspired by this article and not sure about your next steps? Click here to answer a few questions and schedule a time to talk with me. I will not try and sell you anything… but I will happily give you some action steps to consider and point you on a path toward success. Caution… you might want to work with me after we talk. That’s okay with me. 🙂 

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