Refined positioning spurs growth and creates a positive impact with the power of design.

Taylor wanted to change the way people think about design.

In her work as a successful freelance designer, Taylor Dunham was increasingly frustrated by the missed opportunities she saw in the marketplace. As a skilled designer across a variety of media types and practical applications, she understood the power design has to shape understanding, craft experience, and shift perception. She wanted to use her vision to expand the thinking of her clients and thus create a positive impact in the marketplace and the world.

By aligning her core messaging with her heart and expertise, Taylor opened doors to expanded dialogue and increased the impact of her work.

Together we dug deeply into Taylor’s vision and experience. We shifted her core messaging, aligning it with her strongly held belief in using design strategically to share values and achieve goals. We brought her passion and commitment to others to the forefront in her business, elevating her brand and streamlining her marketing and delivery systems. We then implemented this shift with revised website copy, improved sales systems, and goal-centered case studies that focused on her amazing ability to use design for good. The resulting clarity and vision allows Taylor to market confidently and work selectively on fulfilling projects while continuing to grow her revenue.

Working with Michelle allowed me to explore ideas and consider my business strategically without limitation. She challenged my assumptions, asked deep questions, and held space for me while I did the work. Along the way, she helped me expand my sales expertise and guided me to craft a marketing message that aligned with my desires for my brand.

Taylor Dunham

Our work resulted in stronger collaborative partnerships and deeper client relationships, leading to increased revenue and professional satisfaction.


Marketing Clarity

Custom marketing strategy developed over a series of confidential strategy sessions allowed Taylor to focus in on her unique vision for her business and work. This clarity became the foundation for her authentic and effective marketing approach.

Powerful Core Messaging

By implementing carefully crafted core messaging, Taylor was able to communicate her value in a concise and highly impactful way. As a result, high-value clients are able to quickly see the differentiators that make Taylor’s work unique in the marketplace.

Consistency & Authenticity

As we implemented this custom marketing strategy across every client touchpoint in her business, we created a level of consistency and authenticity that builds increased trust. The result is deeper client engagement, increased loyalty, and greater ease in collaboration.

High Impact Storytelling

This custom approach embraced client stories - using them to demonstrate the incredible power strategic design has to motivate people, solve problems, and create increased impact. This shift from a portfolio to a set of powerful case studies continues to inspire potential clients to use design for good.

Working one on one with Michelle is a game changer. Her insight and support during the Marketing Intensive allowed me to explore options, solve problems inside my lead generation and sales process, and set me on a course to sustained growth. While it was hard work, she supported me and held me accountable throughout. The return on investment is significant, and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

Taylor Dunham |



After the launch of a revised website, Taylor Dunham Design continues to attract the attention of an increasingly elevated pool of potential clients. Taylor is now able to intentionally select client projects which allow her to have maximum positive impact in the marketplace and world. She is now truly able to live her dream of using design for good.

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